We propose that the information that lobbyists are required to disclose – as set out in s6(2) – should include a good faith estimate of how much lobbyists are spending on lobbying. Spending could be banded to make it easier. The disclosable expenditure should include direct staff costs and other expenditure, including spending on: the preparation of materials, or information to be used in support of lobbying efforts; professional advice, opinion polling, research, or any other evidence created in support of lobbying; events and hospitality; and any staff costs involved in these activities.

We also propose that organisations, or groups of organisations working collectively, whose total expenditure on lobbying activity during an accounting year is cumulatively less than £2,000, or which dedicates cumulatively less than 0.25 of a full-time equivalent member of staff to direct lobbying activity, should only report on an annual basis. Any organisation that exceeds these levels should report on a quarterly basis.

Wholly voluntary, community and social campaign groups that do not employ, or remunerate staff, or engage third-party organisations to do this on their behalf, shall be exempt from reporting.