The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency (ALT) is an alliance of civil society groups who are concerned about the growing influence of lobbying on decision-making in the UK. We believe only increased transparency can begin to restore trust in policy making and make ministers, elected representatives and officials more accountable to the public. 

ALT is campaigning for a mandatory register of lobbyists. 

The Alliance launched its campaign in early 2008 to coincide with a Parlamentary inquiry into lobbying - the first in the UK for 17 years. The Public Administration Committee spent 18 month investigating the industry. and published its final report in January 2009.  Its key recommendation is for the Government to introduce a mandatory register of lobbying activity. Read more about their report on lobbying here .

Members of the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency:

How is ALT funded?

The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency is coordinated by SpinWatch with a grant from the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, through its Power and Responsibility programme. ALT also receives support and resources from coalition members. Please visit member websites for how they are funded.