6 March 2012

DOWNLOAD ALT's BRIEFING: Bringing Transparency to Lobbying.

{mosimage}Lobbyists are paid to influence government decisions. There are some 4000 people working professionally in the UK's £2billion influence industry.

Many lobbyists are former MPs, some are Peers, or ex-senior officials, partners and neighbours of Cabinet Ministers, former flatmates and old colleagues of current politicians.

The biggest spenders on lobbying are large companies, for whom lobbying is a tactical investment: the aim of it is to benefit their bottom line, often against the public interest.

This much we know. But, at the moment in the UK, we've no right to know who is lobbying whom, and for what.

This could be about to change. The coalition government has agreed in principle to open up lobbying with a compulsory register of lobbyists. But their current proposals, published in January, are a sham.

We now have a rare opportunity to expose the influence industry, and help change the back-room deal nature of politics. Find out how.